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Arbor Vice Longboard Wheels

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blue (80a)
Color: blue (80a)
Size: 69mm
Color: blue (80a)
Size: 69mm
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Arbor's offset freeride wheel, the Vice longboard wheel was built around Arbor's new Groovetube core to deliver versatile slide performance at speed. Choose your line, release with ease, and conquer any surface.
Set of 4 Wheels
Ride Style:
Durometer (Hard to Soft):
Core Placement:
Wheel Edge:
Round Lip
Surface Type:
Stone Ground
Arbor Wheels:
  • Groovetube Cores
  • Sucrose Formula
  •  69mm
    Diameter (mm):69.0
    Contact Patch (mm):35.5
    Suggested Riser Size (in):1/2 +

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