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Bear Stepped Barrel Longboard Bushings (1 Truck)

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Bear Stepped Barrel Longboard Bushings (1 Truck) - view large
Color: white
Size: 92a
Color: white
Size: 92a
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The Stepped Barrel longboard bushings from Bear offer a soft gushy turn with lots of return to center without any slop.

Non-Compatible Trucks

Caliber II Fifty
Caliber II Fourty - Four
Caliber OG Forty
Gullwing Sidewinder II
Road Rider Hollow
2 Bushings for 1 Truck
Soft Ride:
The soft ride is achieved by the fat barrel shape that allows the pivot cup of the hanger to lean directly into the bushing only compressing the part of the bushing that it has contact with
  • Because the bushing is so wide the hanger has to fight the bushing to compress it and because there is so much urethane under the hanger it is easily forced back to center when the rider is not trying to turn the board
  • Everything is kept in place and the precise turn come from the stepped face of the bushing that sits directly in the bushing seat keeping the bushing in place and guiding the hanger through the turn
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    Bear Stepped Barrel Skate Bushings
    by Jimmy D in Fort Worth, TX/Lafayette, LA (Verified Buyer)
    Posted on 5/28/2014
    Bear Stepped Barrel Skate Bushings by Jim Z (1 Truck) - red
    A little stiff for my weight but I knew this going in. I am replacing what I had before. My Bear setup doesn't turn as well as my Paris setup but I like the feel better when on a big hill. My first set of factory bushings cracked through but that was after a lot of hard use. We will see how the replacements hold up.
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