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It's almost that time of year again! We've got a bunch of new @burtonsnowboards reviews to help you pick your setup for the upcoming season! Click the link in @tactics bio to check the videos! #TacticsSnow #BurtonSnowboards
@chrisvarcadipane gets the birds eye view of @jakeselover blasting around Newberg Skatepark #TacticsSkate #CatchARip
Check out the new Fall line from @statefootwear Let us know what you think and hit the link in @tactics bio to grab yours today! #FreeAndLiberatedState #SkateShoes
Shouts out to @kucinic_666 from Kent, OH, this week's #RipperOfTheWeek!You know you got the flick when you can treflip out of a rock fakie! Click the link in @tactics bio to check his Q&A and follow @kucinic_666 for more ripping! #TacticsSkate #CatchARip
@austinthongvivong going the distance on this back smith #TacticsSkate #CatchARip
/// @pickyknee's wear test of the Pro Model Vulc ADV from @adidasskateboarding is up on our blog! ///Click the link in @tactics bio for the full vid and to buy your pair!#TacticsSkate #SkateShoes #WearTests
@jakeselover with a mean backside staley from the @windellsskateboarding takeoverStill haven't seen the recap vid?! Hit the link in @tactics bio to check it out!: @rickyapontephoto#TacticsSkate #CatchARip #Windells2017
UPDATE: Every pair of every size has been sold!The Blazer Mid by @LanceMountain and @NikeSB is now available! Click the link in @tactics bio to grab yours today! #SkateShoes #NikeSB #BlazerMid
@alexlobasyuk handles the wobble, the kink and the high jump on this gnarly front feebs #TacticsSkate #CatchARip

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Downhill Skateboarding

Keys to Skate Trip Success

3/10/2017 | Ross Druckrey

Road trips are the heart of skateboarding. Get out of your usual spots and find somewhere new to grind your trucks and slide your wheels. Eat new foods, climb new mountains, and dive into some...

Master Plan Detour | #TacticsDH

9/27/2016 | Ross Druckrey

Planning for this trip was a huge mess. Initially, the Tactics downhill skate team was set to trek through California with a group of other Oregonians to Red Bull's inaugural Donner Pass...

Where To-ur? | #TacticsDH

3/29/2016 | Ross Druckrey

We just packed up and started driving.  There were a few ideas tossed out during our hasty preparation, but nothing was set in stone.  Shasta?  Redwoods? Santa Barbara? ...

Ross Druckrey with Sector 9 Downhill Division in Arizona

9/28/2015 | Ross Druckrey

The Sector 9 Downhill Division took a team trip to Arizona this summer, and Tactics Downhill Team rider Ross Druckrey went along for the ride. They piled sixteen dudes into an RV and cruised out...


9/25/2015 | Ross Druckrey

If you missed KEEP ON CHOOGLIN’ TOUR PART 1, check it out now! After a long drive through the desert, the Salt Lake City locals welcomed Jaden, Alec, Tanner, and I with pizza and surprisingly...


9/9/2015 | Kyle Richner

#TacticsDH just hit the road again for one last journey before the rain and snow washes over the Pacific Northwest. With the inspirational melodies of Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Keep on...

Deck-A-Thlon: Manny Challenge and Longest Slide

7/29/2015 | Benson Ka'ai

You might think Tactics is some huge E-tailer, and it’s mostly true, but we’re also Eugene’s local skate shop, and as such, we still do things guerrilla style, like chalking lines down...

Tactics Downhill Skate Team In Malibu

1/6/2015 | Benson Ka'ai

Tactics Downhill Team riders Alec Whitman, Jaden Chavez, and Ross Druckrey each filmed one raw run down this California classic. To keep things interesting, we chopped all the choice cuts and...