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Burton Family Tree Landlord Snowboard 2015

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163 rainbow top
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New freeride geometry is the secret with setback camber and sidecut that are centered on your stance to create a twin freestyle feel when riding flat base. On edge, the Family Tree Landlord snowboard turns tight and quick, with entry rocker and taper for added float and flow. More precise than Burton's Barracuda, more versatile than the Fish, it slays natural terrain with speed and style.
  • Backcountry Magazine Editor's Choice
  • Outside Magazine Gear of the Year Winner
  • Flex Rating:
    Primary Ride Style:
    Powder / Freeride
    Camber Tech:
    Burton S-Rocker
    Sidecut/​Edge Control:
  • Dualzone™ EGD™ (Engineered Grain Direction)
  • Pro Tips
  • Flex/​Pop/​Stability:
  • Infinite™ Ride Construction
  • Super Fly II® Core
  • 45° Carbon Highlights Hi-Voltage Fiberglass
  • Carbon I-Beam™
  • Base/​Speed:
    Sintered WFO Base
    3 Year Warranty
  • FSC Certified Wood Core
  • Mountain Dew Recycled PET Topsheet
  •  159163
    Waist Width (cm):25.325.5
    Suggested Boot Size (US):< 11< 11.5
    Weight Range (lbs):145-185165-205
    Stance Set Back - On Effective Edge (in):-2.2-2.2
    Taper (mm):17.017.0
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    Call the Landlord
    by Q Surf in Eugene
    Posted on 2/18/2014
    Burton Family Tree Landlord Snowboard
    It: S-rocker, 17mm taper, can't find setback #'s???, OG approved graphics, black base is crux for seeing wax condition. Reportedly it's the modern Malolo everyone's been pining for.

    Me: 6' 195, PNW rider, K2 T1 (boa/lace) boots, Diode binders. I have a fish addiction that I'm trying to find a methadone for. Going from my Fish to Custom X makes me feel like I'm riding too clinical anymore – so I hoped the Malolo-esque Landlord would fall somewhere in between.

    Conditions: variety pack from rain slurpie to hardpack to 2' untracked.

    Landlord (as in "I own it" I'm guessing): fast, as slippery a base as I've ever felt. Wants to draw big open lines. If you can hold down your speed, it can wag tighter arcs just fine but always seems to want to open up. So tech trees are more speed management and less poetic vs the Fish (of course).

    Surprising amount of pop and power (testicularity) – surprising b/c other tapered models I've tried seem floppy to suit riders who just want to cruise. Right away I was dolphin airing out of turns w/o trying to, popping off wee hits bigger than expected, confident with full-tilt projection carves, and slashing topturns into big fans of snow. Feels like I won't overload this board even with end-of-season legs.

    Switch is easy and stable even in some depth. Carve 360's more seamless than evar. S-rocked nose has no problems or quirks floating deep kimchi or rodeo smashing down tracked out runs. Landed too far back off a cornice or 2 and still stuck it (knowing I wouldn't have on the Fish). Only went over the bars one ill-advised moment. Took some chances and rarely paid for them. Landlord owns it!

    The rails: I've always prided myself on being able to carve with a pure rail – I dork out critiquing my line from the chair, wincing when I see signs of squibbing out. The Fish is a really strange animal in that it has the ability to cut into even hardpack like an ice-skate ultimately using only that last 18" of straight rail line. On hardpack I pushed for that feeling on the Landlord too hard and washed out more than once (and I tuned the edges to 88deg). So on hardpack, the taper tapers the feeling of a pure rail somewhat – which makes sense, but bruises my "deepest cuts on the mtn" ego a bit. This isn't to say the board won't comfortably carve hardpack - just that it does so with a bit of squishiness compared to what I prefer. On any softer snow this becomes a non-issue and the board absolutely rips turns super-heroically.

    Summary: I'm frothing this board found its way into my quiver before I go on a once-in-a-lifetime heli AK trip next month. Talk about the perfect fit! It is a very different board vs the Fish and Custom X but is exactly what they would hatch if they mated.
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