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Death Lens iPhone 6 Plus Fisheye Lens

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Get better video on your iPhone 6 Plus with the Fisheye lens from Death Lens. Fisheye lenses offer an ultra-wide, panoramic view. Just screw the lens onto the case, and you're eady to roll.
iPhone 6 Plus
How to Use:
  • Turn off image stabilization to eliminate the bouncy vignette (black ring)
  • Using the Videon App is recommended as using your phones built in camera app will result in a bouncy look on all footage. This app will also allow you to lock your focus, exposure and white balance. The app is not necessary but you may want to try it out and see if it offers an improvement.
  • Use a pinch grip and zoom in slightly (also to avoid the vignette) unless you're into that sort of thing. The pinch grip is necessary due to the 180° angle of the lens.
  • Details:
    Researched, tested, and crafted to reproduce the legendary action sports VX1000 video fisheye visuals, the Death Lens Fisheye has been praised around the world as widest and greatest smartphone fisheye lens available.

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