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Dragon NFX Goggles

Sale: $77.95 - $89.95 (40% off, was $129.95 - $149.95)
jet/dark smoke blue + bonus lens
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The NFX goggles use Dragon's patented frameless design to deliver the widest field of vision possible, while dual cylindrical lenses with a Super Anti-Fog coating ensure lasting clarity in any temperature. Armored venting makes clearing snow buildup simple so you can continue riding without removing your goggles. With easy lens interchangeability and plush Tri-Foam Technology, the NFX is soon to be the center of your winter arsenal.
Frame Features:
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Hypoallergenic Microfleece Lining
  • Tri-Foam Technology
  • Armored Venting
  • Patented Frameless Design
  • Lens Features:
  • Super Anti-Fog
  • Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Dual Lexan Lenses
  • UV Protection 100%
  • Cylindrical Lens
  • Bonus Lens VLT:
    Dragon Yellow-Red Ionized Lens (except azure/​blue steel lens + bonus lens:Dragon Amber Lens)
    Large Fit
    Excels In
    dense/smoke gold ion lens + bonus lensSunny, Stormy/Night
    form/dark smoke blue ion lens + bonus lensSunny, Stormy/Night
    jet/dark smoke blue + bonus lensSunny, Stormy/Night
    azure/blue steel lens + bonus lensPartly Cloudy, Overcast
    jet/purple ion lens + bonus lensPartly Cloudy, Stormy/Night
    stack/blue steel lens + bonus lensPartly Cloudy, Stormy/Night

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    Asked by raul on 2/11/2013
    what is the difference between dragon apx and dragon nfx?they have the same peripheral vision?thanks
    Answered by Jesse C (Tactics Employee) on 4/5/2013
    The biggest difference between the NFX and APX is the shape of the lens. The APX has a spherical lens and the NFX has a flat, cylindrical lens. The NFX is also a little bit bigger than the APX, but the peripheral is about the same. The cylindrical lens is less expensive to manufacture, so you get all the benefits of the over-sized lens but doesn't cost as much as a spherical lens.
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