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Electric EG2 Replacement Lenses

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jet black lens
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Like a Hallmark card, Electric has a replacement lens for every occasion. With multiple tint/chrome options, these lenses cover the full spectrum, literally.
Lens Features
  • Dual Lens
  • Inner Lens/Pressure Valve
  • AR Coating
  • Anti-Fog
  • Hard Coating
  • Lens Ventilation
  • 100% UVA/UVB Protection
  • Spherical Lens
Excels In
  • Sunny
Lens Features

Electric has set the standard in premium goggle optics. Their lenses are produced using the finest raw materials and manufacturing techniques.

Dual Lens - Electric uses dual lens construction to create a climate controlled environment within your lens. This creates a dead space and a thermal barrier between the inner and outer lens to prevent fogging in all conditions.

Inner Lens/Pressure Valve - High altitudes can cause pressure to build up between the inner and outer lens which can distort optical clarity. Electric uses a directional valve to relieve pressure at varying altitudes ensuring proper visual performance.

AR Coating - Anti reflection coating is a super thin treatment that is characterized by a soft violet mirror which is applied to the inside of a goggle lens. This is used to prevent light from reflecting off the back surface of the lens into the wearer’s eye. Electric’s AR coatings dramatically reduce the reflecting light resulting in improved comfort for your eyes.

Anti-Fog - All Electric goggle lenses are treated with a hydrophobic Anti-Fog coating. This absorbs moisture before fog can form on your inner lens. Due to the oversized surface area of the EG2 and EG2.5 lens, Electric has treated these products with a Super Anti-Fog coating for optimum performance.

Hard Coating - Hard Coatings are applied to the outer lens to create a proper seal against the elements and a protective barrier against scratching your lens.

Lens Ventilation - Increased airflow creates a climate controlled environment that can reduce fogging and condensation on your inner lens. Electric’s lens vents are engineered to promote proper airflow and effectively eliminate fog.

100% UVA/UVB Protection - Protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, they deserve protection.

Spherical Lens - Spherical lenses curve vertically and horizontally, much like a circle. This improves peripheral vision and decreases glare and image distortion.

Excels In

VLT stands for Variable Light Transmittance, which is the percentage of light that is allowed to penetrate the lens, for brighter conditions you'll want a lower VLT rating and with darker conditions you'll want a higher VLT rating.

Sunny - VLT between 0% and 18%

Overall Rating
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Great lens
by Mike B in Jamesburg, NJ (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/12/2015
Electric EG2 Replacement Lenses - yellow/blue chrome lens
This lens is perfect for night and day riding. Clear and easy to see through. You get exactly what you are looking for with these.
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Awesome Replacement Lense
by Crom in Vancouver, B.C. (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 2/13/2013
Electric EG2 Replacement Lenses - yellow/blue chrome lens
Awesome lens for snowy flat-light days.
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by mike in poconos (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/30/2013
Electric EG2 Replacement Lenses - bronze/red chrome lens
really difficult to get in, they were a little to big for the frame
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Perfect for cloudy weather
by Statics in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 1/9/2013
Electric EG2 Replacement Lenses - yellow lens
If sometimes you want to take your goggles off, than this lens is for you - it increases contrast in case of cloudy weather / low light conditions so that you can see every detail as clearly as if it's under the sun.
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Asked by S-Trö on 2/19/2013
Are the current EG2 replacement lenses compatible with previous years EG2 frames?
Answered by Kyle R (Tactics Employee) on 4/9/2013
Yes, they should fit with no problem!
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