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Futures Fins Elevon Quad Fin Set (Small)

carbon/kevlar - elevon
Color: carbon/kevlar - elevon
Color: carbon/kevlar - elevon
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The Elevon Quad Fin Set (Small) from Futures Fins

After years of R & D, the Elevon has been perfected with 3-D contours to provide an incredible amount of lift and drive. The Elevon is designed to carry momentum through flat sections and create speed, allowing you to go vertical in places previously not possible.

Futures System Tech:
Truss Base
Surfer Size:
(S) 110 lbs - 160 lbs
Carbon/​Kevlar Construction:
This construction is designed to be very lightweight and strong. Kevlar provides superior impact resistance, which makes this fin highly stiff.
Elevon Foil:
The Elevon Foil combines the V2 concave foil at the base and a modified Ascent Hydrofoil through the tip. The combination of wing-like features at the tip of the fin with the concave running vertically create lift, generating new levels of speed in softer conditions.

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