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Independent 159 Stage 11 Silver Skateboard Trucks

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silver 159
Color: silver 159
Size: 8.75 axle
Color: silver 159
Size: 8.75 axle
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The 159 Stage 11 Silver Skateboard Trucks from Independent.

Built for wide loads and newly redesigned, the 159 is here with a whole new look and feel. By improving the modern performance and iconic look of the Stage 10 design with newly reworked geometry, Independent has created the new standard to which all other trucks will be judged.

Featuring improved precise turns, better stability on landings, less high-speed wobble and decreased wheel bite. On top of all this, these trucks guarantee more overall grind clearance with an improved "no hang-up" yoke for the longest lasting performance trucks in the game.

Set of 2 Trucks
Truck Features:
  • T6 Aluminum Hollow Hangers and Baseplates
  • Chromoly Steel Axles
  • Grade 8 Kingpins
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Sizing Reference:
    Sizing Image

     8.75 axle
    Independent Size:159
    Hanger (mm):156.0
    Board Range (in):8.6 - 9.0
    Height (mm):55.0
    Weight (g):394.0
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    #1 for a reason
    by Port Mac Original
    Posted on 11/24/2014
    Independent 159 Stage 11 Silver Skateboard Trucks
    Been skating since 1987 and have ridden lots of different brands over the years. Independent are the most reliable durable smooth transitioning truck there is from street to vert full stop
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    built to shred
    by Arrogant Sidewok in Snowy Vermont & Sunny Hawaii (Verified Buyer)
    Posted on 11/30/2013
    Independent 159 Stage 11 Silver Skateboard Trucks - silver 159
    There is a reason why Independent has been around for years. They may be a little more expensive and a little bit heavier than some of the competition. But let's face it. Is a couple ounces really gonna flip my tricks that much faster or pop my ollies that much higher? I think not. And the fact that I love skating concrete bowls and ledges means one thing, I need durability. From the time I break in the groove, I know they'll be super durable and slide like butter. I also don't like buying parts often. So, the fact that they are $10 more than a set of Tensors is worth it to me when the Indy's will easily last almost 2X as long as the cheaper, lighter weight trucks out there. And for any of you fellas out there that like to skate a wide popsicle, know that Indy brought back the 159 to have sex with your 8.5 wood. I couldn't think of a better truck for my 8.5" deck. Keep shreddin' and pony up the extra Ten spot for the best trucks on the market.
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