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Some brand-spanking-new @transportationunit boards just arrived! Follow the link in @tactics bio to get a new whip rolling! #TacticsSkate #TransportationUnit
@cheepthings_ puttin' in the hard work with this rarely seen specimen #TacticsSkate #CatchARip #ExtremelyHardflip
Team rider @seandonne and warehouse brethren @aquamayne getting it in at the new DIY#TacticsSkate #THEMAYNE
@thegoodhomie_ with a real quick 1-2-3 at Pier Park by @judastweest @blood_wizard #TacticsSkateIf you haven't already, go check Anakin's welcome Q&A on our blog!
Flashback to that time @ll_cool_jj got on @hallofmeat while he was on the Tactics SF trip a few years back!Click the link in @tactics bio to peep all the #TacticSF videos and watch our boys shred the Bay Area! #TacticsSkate
Congrats to @naychoo of Madras, OR, this week's #RipperOfTheWeek!That trick's hard enough, but doing it on a cracked board?Hit the link in @tactics bio to peep Nacho's Q&A and keep those #CatchARip entries coming! #TacticsSkate
Beyond hyped to announce that Anakin Senn, aka @thegoodhomie_, is now a member of the Tactics skate team!Click the link in @tactics bio to see Anakin's Q&A and see how he ended up riding for us! Welcome to the team, bud! by @timaguilar#TacticsSkate
Skateboarding might be a worldwide thing, but that doesn't mean you can't show a little hometown pride!Click the link in @tactics bio to shop brands from your neck of the woods or try something new and exotic! #TacticsSkate
New arrivals from @polarskateco just hit the shelves!Give the link in @tactics bio a little sugar to see the @dearskating @cheriffchat Collection & More! #TacticsSkate #PolarSkateCo

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Converse CONScrete Carnage 2017 | Recap

When you have $1,000 in straight cash and tell a bunch of kids that they can have a piece of it if they land some tricks, there's gonna be some carnage; hence the CONScrete Carnage presented by CONS.

For the second year in a row, we decided to throw the carnage at Ponderosa Skatepark in Bend, OR and the kids came out in droves yet again! There were so many skaters of all ages and sizes that we actually had to split the comp between the "groms" and the "big dogs" just so nobody got killed. It wasn't perfect, we still had a good amount of (mostly) minor collisions, with a few of them even being good/bad enough to take home some prize money! But between all that carnage there was still a whole lot of gnar-nage, so many crazy tricks being landed making it easy to get rid of that G-Stack. Don't take our word for it though, check the recap video up top and the photos below to witness the carnage for yourself!


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Jameson Coffman, fast plant to cash grab.

Emile "The Salmon" Janicot, from X-Games MPLS to Ponderosa Skatepark.

Cody Bashian, FS ollie.

Chad Fenlon, Boneless Nose Pick.

James Stewart, biggest air.

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