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Lucid Grip Clear Grip Spray System

$14.95 (Sale: $8.95)
Color: heavy
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The Clear Grip Spray System from Lucid Grip is a great transparent grip alternative to your standard grip, or perfect for adding a second life to your older clear-gripped decks that may be wearing down a bit.

Does an easy and fast clear spray on grip system sound good to you? Thought it would, the two-part application process takes 5 minutes to apply and 40 minutes to dry and you'll be ready to tear up the streets without tearing up your feet.

Great for cruising, carving and mellow rides around town, also feel free to go barefoot and not worry about your beautiful feet getting tore up
Great for more advanced tricks and for riders who are into aggressive speed carving and slides
Great for more riders who are into heavy sliding, perfect for downhill speed riders
  • Extremely transparent
  • Can be applied to wood, concrete, plastics, and most metals
  • Will last as long, if not longer than most other products
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