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One Ball Jay X-Wax Snowboard Wax

Color: cool
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The X-Wax from One Ball Jay is a four temperature specific group of high-end Fluorinated waxes that are priced in the zone for performance without buying full bore race wax.
Temperature Guide:
  • Ice 12° F [-11°C] and Below
  • Cold 23° to 12° F [-5° to -11° C]
  • Cool 28° to 21° F [-2° to -6° C]
  • Warm 32° to 26° F [0° to -3° C]
  • Amount of Wax:
    Amount of Graphite:
    About X-Wax:
  • One Ball Jay's fastest wax available for retail
  • X-Wax is Formulated with Fluorinated Paraffin's; Not CFC's or PTFE
  • Graphite Bar Additive Now Included
  • Fluorinated Graphite Additive Wax to be Used as an Additional Speed Boost in Any Conditions
  • Either Rub-on or Hot Wax Before Hot Waxing the Colored Wax on Top

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