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Rayne Switzer Misfortune Signature Series 33.5" Longboard Deck

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Size: 33.5in
Grip Tape:
Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet
Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet black
Size: 33.5in
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The MisFortune is a directional, top mounted speed board. Combining a bit of slalom, pool and downhill, this board gets radial concave, a small spoon tail and an upturned nose added to the directional Vandal shape to help you ollie and manual. Additionally, the Vandal 3D wheel wells grab your feet and hold them in place so they’re not flopping around while you motor your boat down hill.

Finally, this deck takes on the Fat Bottom construction released with the 2012 Avenger, keeping the board stiff and strong, but dropping excess weight and reducing exposed wood.

Deck Style:
Top Mount
Board Series:
Signature Series
Standard on All Boards:
  • Pre-Tensioned Fiberglass
  • Fat Bottom Bamboo Core
  • Sublimated Artwork
  • Sharp Edge
  • Bee Orange Finish
  • Board Shapes:
    Directional Shape
    Concave Type:
    Radial Concave
    Speed Stiffness:
    Integrated Wheelwells:
    Subtle, pressed in curves in the front and rear open up the new radial concave to naturally allow for more diverse wheel options, while allowing the rider to find their feet without looking down.
    Integrated Foot Locks:
    Molded into the wheelwells, the three dimensional waves create natural ridges to dig your feet into for tucking, pushing out drifts and sliding.

    Width (in):9.25
    Length (in):33.5
    Wheel Base (in):22.5 - 24.75
    Nose (in):1.165
    Tail (in):2.65
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