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Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels

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white/red (86a)
Color: white/red (86a)
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The Cloud wheels from Ricta are super bouncy and fast, making even the roughest of surfaces feel like smooth warehouse floors. Modern shaped and not too heavy or bulky. Perfect for filming and cruising around town.
Set of 4 Wheels
Surface Type:
Diameter (mm):52.7553.
Width (mm):31.834.034.034.543.034.543.0
Contact Patch (mm):19.420.518.3621.032.021.532.0
Suggested Riser Size (in):N/AN/AN/A1/81/81/8 - 1/41/8 - 1/4
Durometer (Hard to Soft)
white/red (86a)86a
white/blue (78a)78a
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Replaced my 78a/54mm for 86a/53mm (DC streets)
by DCG
Posted on 9/1/2015
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels
While the 78a are great for cruising (54mm), I bought the 86a/53mm to replace them (my 78s are now 48mm). I purchased them based off of a review on Amazon. A guy in NYC had ridden both and felt the 86s rolled over bad ground better. I agree... the 78s compact too much because of their duro. I love them though. For me... the 86s have better speed control (78s are faster) and roll over bad ground faster. My manuals feel better too. I almost went back to the 78s, but this morning changed my mind. You can almost blind fold yourself with the 78s... but cruising over the same ground with the 86s I was fine. They are louder and release for a slide easier and will be better for flat ground tricks. I’m very pleased with both products.
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UPDATE: Still The Duke! (78a, 54mm on DC streets)
by DCG
Posted on 7/7/2015
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels
I've put about 150 miles on these babies now. The rears are down to 52/53mm. I just rotated all of them. The good news is that they slide! It may be the way they are wearing. The outside/inside diameter is bigger than the middle diameter. It takes a bit of speed to initiate... but slides are very controllable. They are wearing evenly and no flatspots. I go over crack pavement, steel plates, fresh tarmac patches... you name it. They do not like the pea gravel sidewalks... but not many wheels do. When these become bearing seats... I will definitely buy another pair. They are getting some cuts in the tread, but they do not affect performance. The sidewalls don’t have any chips or nicks. Just picked up some Spitfire Soft D's. I will write a review on those as well. The Bones L2s are holding up well too.
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there's nothing better than this wheels
by Evelyn Godinez in sonoma, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/30/2015
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels - white/red (86a)
They're out of this world
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loved by my kid...
by Ariel N E in Vacaville, CA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 6/10/2015
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels - white/blue (78a)
Went to a softer wheel for my youngest son's board (was previously riding 99a duro). He feels more comfortable on longer pushes, likes the rebound and how they smooth out the ride, but has to work really hard for any slide. Maybe try the Cloud 86a next time for a bit more "slide-ability"?
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by Mike B in Philadelphia, PA (Verified Buyer)
Posted on 5/13/2015
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels - white/red (86a)
These things are smooth af.
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The Duke! (78a, 54mm on DC streets)
by DCG
Posted on 4/7/2015
Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels
These urethane babies are the duke! I live in DC and had a pair of 90a Powells (Dragons I think) on my 8” popsicle. Even those were too hard for our streets... which is a mixed bag of jacked up brick sidewalks, gritty blacktop, protruding lips, wide sidewalk seams, random pieces of debris and 30mm wide cracks. It’s all fine for peds, cars and bikers… but I never see kids skating the streets… and now I know why. I hesitated getting these thinking they were too soft. I literally rode them for just a few minutes and I had a huge smile... they will completely change my ride. I dropped in some used Bones L2 bearings. I was really surprised at how fast they are. Bummed that I probably can’t slide… but that’s the tradeoff.
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