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Road Rider Shred Mags Longboard Wheels

Color: teal (80a)
Size: 73mm
Color: teal (80a)
Size: 73mm
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The Shred Mags Longboard Skateboard Wheels from Road Rider.

The massive 40mm x 37mm Mag Core performs like a backbone, supporting the wheel and road surface shape under heavy side loads, and helping to maintain exit speed and straight line acceleration. Featuring a slightly offset race shape, designed for a predictable breakaway point and controlled slides, the Shred Mags are poured in Road Rider's exclusive High Rebound 80a formula.

Set of 4 Wheels
Core Placement:
Surface Type:
Edge/​Lip Profile:
Square Edge

Diameter (mm):73.0
Width (mm):58.5
Contact Patch (mm):58.5
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