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Sector 9 Blackball Ceramic Race Skateboard Bearings

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Color: yellow
Color: yellow
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The Crème de la crème of bearings. The Sector 9 Black Ball Ceramic race bearings are built for speed and built to last. Each bearing contains 7 ceramic balls that are much harder than steel, giving you bearings that will bring the heat for a long time.

Ceramic balls are so tough that they actually crush debris that finds their way into the bearing and continually polishes them. These bearings also feature a removable rubber shield making them easy to clean and easy to re-lube.

Set of 8 Bearings
4 Spacers
  • Rubber coated shield is removable for easy cleaning
  • Ceramic bearing balls weigh up to 40% less than steel bearing balls
  • Hybrid ceramic bearings can operate 20% to 40% faster than conventional bearings
  • The lighter ball allows the bearing to spin faster, and uses less energy to maintain its speed
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    They're good, not great.
    by Steve in Boston (Verified Buyer)
    Posted on 7/21/2014
    Sector 9 Blackball Ceramic Race Skateboard Bearings
    First off- They're fast. Second- a bit overpriced. I put this on my drop through for commuting as well as cruising and downhill. Right out of the box, they make a rattling sound like dirty bearings would. It does not seem to affect performance. I feel like it's because they weren't greased enough or something, however they do roll pretty fast right out of the box. Great for coasting and maintaing high speeds, however there are cheaper bearings that are just as good. I've only had mine for 2 days though, so I can't provide a lot of insight. I like them but would go with other bearings, personally. They also seem to have gotten dirt in them already
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    Do not buy these!!!
    by TCP9 "just go fast" in Florence Or
    Posted on 2/23/2014
    Sector 9 Blackball Ceramic Race Skateboard Bearings
    I am a competitive longboarder that has a need for speed. Trying to save money I decided to get these blackball ceramics. Trust me on this THEY ARE NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY!! Mine lasted 5 days before they shattered and four seized completely! I give this a rating in the negatives. I'm rather frustrated with the performance and quality, so please dont bother with these.
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