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Sector 9 Marshmallow Shred Thane Longboard Wheels

white (78a)
Color: white (78a)
Size: 61mm
Color: white (78a)
Size: 61mm
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The Marshmallow Shred Thane longboard skateboard wheels from Sector 9 are nearly side set, which makes them easy for initiating slides. The rounded inner and outer edges go all the way down to the core, helping to keep you from getting hung up on cracks and providing a consistent slide.
Set of 4 Wheels
Surface Type:
Stone Ground
Edge/​Lip Profile:
Round Edge
Wheel Features:
Offset Wheel Hubs
Shred Thane Formula:
Shred Thane urethane provides a fast roll speed with slick slides on all types of pavement. This urethane was Sector 9's team favorite when tested against six other slide formulas.

Diameter (mm):61.0
Contact Patch (mm):27.0
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