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Spark R&D Burner Splitboard Bindings 2016

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Color: black
Size: M
Color: black
Size: M
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The Spark R&D Burner Splitboard bindings are their most acclaimed bindings ever. The big mountain brother to the Blaze: stiffer components designed specifically for big mountain riders and those who prefer high-speed aggressive shredding. Comes with stainless steel pins, solid baseplate, stiff highback, wide ankle strap and toe caps – your recipe for pointing it.
Primary Ride Style:
Also Good For:
Aggressive Riding
Flex Rating:
Not Specified
Binding Features:
  • Spark R&D Solid Baseplate Design
  • Spark R&D Highbacks
  • Spark R&D / Burton Wide Straps
  • Spark R&D / Burton Buckles and Plastics
  • Bronze Bushings
  • Snowboard Compatibility:
    Splitboards Only
    1 Year Warranty
    The Hype:
  • Backcountry Magazine Editor's Choice
  • Snowboard Magazine Platinum Pick
  • Weight:
    3.52 lbs/​pr [1598g] (medium size)
    Men's Boot Sizes (US):8-10.5
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    Great! (But get the Karakoram bindings)
    by Backcountry Splitboarder in Kirkwood, CA
    Posted on 1/27/2014
    Spark R&D Burner Splitboard Bindings
    I hate to be down on who I consider a good friend, good old Spark R & D, BUT, after having the Karakoram carbon bindings, there is NO WAY you can ask me to go back to the plastic pain Voile pucks.

    To be quite honest, and MANY others have complained about it as well (especially others in your group on skis or with snowshoes, or even POSTHOLE-ING it with NOTHING, and yet YOU are the lag factor ALWAYS holding up the group)-- WHY?? It is DEFINITELY because of those super hated Voile pucks, and the need to fight struggle and curse, and fight ice and everything else to get those darn things on and off, and just to get them to hold the right position without any play.

    They take FOREVER to adjust, or take on or off (the Voile pucks), and even longer to get them into position so they don't have play, or sit too wide to fit.


    It is ALL about the Karakoram system, and I am delighted to see that other companies, K2, and many others are inventing new systems from the ground up.

    The only way I would recommend these still great bindings to anyone is if they can't afford the Karakoram bindings, and they already have the Voile pucks (hopefully worn in a bit so they aren't so hard to transition).

    For me, there's NO WAY I will ever go back-- ESPECIALLY because of the ingenious Karakoram mounting plates that give 2 more extremely solid connecting points, AND attach the bindings to these plates also, making a VERY VERY solid connection that rides just like a regular non-split.

    These Karakoram bindings are SO SO easy, and VERY VERY fast to un-mount, and switch to another deck. It uses ALLEN wrenches instead of #3 phillips, which is WAY better, and is going to not strip for a LOT longer. It's so easy, all you need is that allen wrench, and you could even perform adjustments in the BACKCOUNTRY! I would NEVER EVER do that with Voile pucks as you might not be able to get it working properly way out in the B/C.

    ALSO- I will never buy a split unless it has the Karakoram clips instead of the Chinese hooks. Those are also dinosaur technology now, and they MUST be done away with.

    K clips don't allow ANY play what-so-ever, and Chinese hooks always seem to produce a gap after a couple of runs. That is also caused by the old Voile puck system, and it being difficult to get them in the perfect spot without play.

    Thanks to Spark R & D, however for the innovations, and thanks for the climbing skin tail clips!

    I'm sure everyone has new ideas on the back burner!
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