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SYT SYT Goggle Lens Scraper

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Color: black
Color: black
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SYT Goggle Tools — See Your Terrain SYT is a patented, retractable, goggle-mounted lens clearing device. The polymer-based squeegee material reacts to work in multiple weather conditions. SYT gets softer in warmer, wet temps and acts like a wiper blade. In colder temperatures SYT firms up to clear any freezing rain or fog you might encounter. This compact tool means your field of vision will stay free and clear, no unexpected banks or moguls for you.
  • Velcro Strap for Convenient Attachment to your Goggle Strap
  • Recoiling String Means You Can't Possibly Lose the Squeegee
  • Lens Safe Polymer-Based Squeegee to Efficiently Remove Precipitation
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    Awesome product!
    by Ryan Bock
    Posted on 12/24/2015
    SYT SYT Goggle Lens Scraper
    I love this thing. My buddy gave it to me last year and I use it religiously, especially on powder days or stormy days. It gives me instant goggle wiping without scratching or smudging. I don't need to dig for it in my pockets and I can use it with my gloves, even while descending if necessary. Way better than the glove thumb squeegee which always seemed hard to use without the glove textile smudging the lens. Love this thing! Buying extras so I don't forget it anymore when I switch up goggles.
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