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These ATF 317 Centerset Longboard Wheels

translucent white (82a)
Color: translucent white (82a)
Size: 69mm
Size: 69mm
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The ATF 317 centerset wheels from These are great all terrain wheels for everything from ripping down the boardwalk to sliding around corners at speed. Long lasting and versatile, these wheels are here to stay.
Set of 4 Wheels
Surface Type:
these® Formula:
ATF Formula
Formula Code:
these® Technology:
these® Wheels UHR Energy Core
Diameter (mm):66.069.0
Width (mm):48.050.0
Contact Patch (mm):38.042.0
 translucent white (80a)translucent white (82a)translucent white 66 (80a)translucent white 66 (82a)translucent white 69 (80a)translucent white 69 (82a)
Durometer (Hard to Soft):80a82a80a82a80a82a
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