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These Pro K-Rimes Stage 1 Free Ride Longboard Wheels

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white/green offset (78a)
Color: white/green offset (78a)
Size: 72mm
Size: 72mm
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The Pro K-Rimes Stage 1 Free Ride longboard wheels from These are made for racing and gripping turns, but also ride fast for freeride and stand-up slides. When fresh, the centerset core will give any rider confidence in technical, tight turns. This is because the centerset wheel does not have wide outside lips, which provides easier turn-ins and a smoother slide.

As the 72mm wheel wears down beyond the skin, it will become easier to slide, but will still offer traction to ride hands-down while gripping your favorite corners.

Set of 4 Wheels
Ride Style:
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Carving/​Cruising
  • Durometer (Hard to Soft):
    Core Placement:
    Wheel Edge:
    Square Lip
    Surface Type:
    theseĀ® Technology:
    theseĀ® Wheels UHR Energy Core
    Pro Model:
    Kevin Reimer
    Diameter (mm):72.0
    Width (mm):57.0
    Contact Patch (mm):57.0
    Suggested Riser Size (in):1/2 +
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    by Kiv Slack S in Charlotte, NC (Verified Buyer)
    Posted on 5/29/2015
    These Pro K-Rimes Stage 1 Free Ride Longboard Wheels - white/green offset (78a)
    Smooth with plenty of traction but the slide / drift well once broken in. Product description says offset but they are centerset wheels with different lip profiles inner to outer. Once broken in they are symmetrical.
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