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Thirtytwo Women's Lashed Boa Snowboard Boots 2017

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Color: burgundy
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This year the Women's Lashed boots come in a variety of lacing systems. This one uses the Boa system, which simplifies your mountain life. With just one knob you can dial-in how tight you want your boots to fit. This style is especially recommended for those that want a more supportive boot feel. Thirtytwo makes all their women's boots with a fuzzy soft material at the top of the boots that'll have all the guys jealous of your comfort level. If you are looking for a solid mid-flex boot, don't hesitate to get into the Lashed Boa Boots.
Ride Style
  • All Mountain
  • Freeride
  • Aggressive Riding
Flex Rating
  • Not Specified
Key Features
  • Boa Lacing System
  • 100% Heat Moldable Intuition Ultralon Liners
  • STI Evolution Foam Outsole
  • 1:1 True Fit Outsole
  • Articulated Cuff
  • 3D Molded Tongue
  • Performance Backstay
  • Level 2 Liner
  • Level 2 Footbed
  • Internal Liner Lacing System
Ride Style

All Mountain - Whether you're doing hot laps, lazy groomers, ripping around or hammering the park on occasion - these boots provide versatile mobility that will allow you to shred virtually anywhere on the mountain in whatever condition. Slash a turn, tweak a grab, bonk a tree, ollie the cat track and be sure to high five your friends before getting back on the lift.

Ankle harnesses and higher grade liners are commonly found in higher end all-mountain boots for added comfort and support, while BOA dials or speed lacing found on certain models can add ultimate speed and convenience.

Freeride - Built tough, responsive, and supportive for those who love to shred the white wave - typically stiffer flexes and high end features designed for hammering turns or riding the fluff.

So whether you're in bounds or off the grid, these boots are not only designed to help you get deep, but rugged and dependable enough to stand up and deliver when you really need it most.

Aggressive Riding - Built tough for those on the charge and stepping up to bigger features - whether it's high-speed assaults, heavy hitting jumps, dropping cliffs and chutes, or just ripping the whole mountain a new one - these boots offer increased drive, power and overall "oomph" to your shred game. Also a great fit for you larger, barrel-chested snowboarders, providing the needed support to withstand your inner hulk.

Stiffer flexes add extra drive and response, plus ankle harnesses and higher grade liners are commonly found in performance boots for added comfort and support. BOA dials or speed lacing found on certain models can add ultimate speed and convenience.

Flex Rating

Not Specified - Sorry, the manufacturer has not provided a specific flex rating for these bindings.

Generally speaking, park and entry level boots will have a softer to mid flex for more playfulness, while all-mountain or freeride boots will have a mid to stiffer flex for more response and control.

Key Features

Boa Lacing System - The Boa Lacing System delivers an unequaled, glove like fit with highly durable aircraft grade stainless laces and uniform closure. Backed by an ironclad lifetime guarantee, Boa proves that high performance and superb comfort can co-exist.

100% Heat Moldable Intuition Ultralon Liners - Every pair of ThirtyTwo boots has heat moldable liners made by intuition Ultralon foam. To heat mold those liners you need the tools to get it done. ThirtyTwo's exclusive Heat Molder and Fit Kit can help you achieve a custom fit.

STI Evolution Foam Outsole - Designed at STI (eS, Emerica, Etnies) this foam provides better cushioning than traditional foam materials and dramatically reduces the weight of their boots by eliminating the need for a heavy rubber outsole. ThirtyTwo boots with STI Evolution Foam are 15% to 40% lighter than previous seasons and remain the lightest in the industry.

1:1 True Fit Outsole - Creating true half-sizes is another huge step in achieving the best fitting boots in the snowboard market. Test it for yourself, you won't be disappointed.


Articulated Cuff - This advanced shell construction creates high performing, smooth flexing boots that are easier to lace and more durable. There is also less shell distortion, resulting in consistent heel hold through the full flex range.

3D Molded Tongue - ThirtyTwo's 3D Molded Tongues wrap your foot for easier lacing, improved fit and heel hold. This design also gives you the ability to vary the stiffness of each model for customized flex and improved responsiveness.

Performance Backstay - Provides solid flex and durability


Level 2 Liner - 100% Heat Moldable Intuition Liners

Dual density intuition soft touch foam for comfort, warmth and support

Internal anatomical foam overlays in heel for optimal heel hold

External overlays for support and response

Integrated Velcro closure reduces bulk and pressure points

All Women's liners have Sherpa cuffs

Level 2 Footbed - Molded Ortholite provides spring-back technology, retaining 95% of its thickness over time

Lightweight providing optimum performance

Foam contains recycled rubber powder to TR32D LIGHTLY

Mesh topsheet for comfort

Internal Liner Lacing System - ThirtyTwo's Inner cuff Lacing System can easily be tightened with a single pull. The new Lace Lock will keep the laces secure, and the anatomical shape will keep your heel down.


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