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Lib Tech 6'2" Vert Series Surfboard

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Color: logo
Size: 6ft 2in
Color: logo
Size: 6ft 2in
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The Lib Tech 6'2" Vert Series Surfboard is out to change everything you know about surfboards. Introducing Lib Tech Waterboards. More durable, easier on the earth, designed and made by Americans near Canada.

The Vert Series is made for precise high performance surfing in energized waves. Pulled nose, squared thumb tail, and a higher rocker. Designed to be surfed at standard lengths and widths.
Surfboard Technology:
  • Powerpop Airspring Core
  • LVR43 High Rebound Matrix
  • 2D2D Volcanic Organic Basalt Honey Comb Technology
  • MO Box System
  • Maximum Intensity Leading Foil Fin System
  • Lib Tech Leash Plug
  • Dimensions:
    6’2” x N 11.3125” x W 19.375” x T 14.8125” (27.9 cl)
  • Comes with four fins: thruster set and a smaller "Spinfly" center-fin option
  • More durable: lasts longer, dings less, less boards in landfills
  • Recycled foam core: up to 50% recycled content in blank (blank scraps recycled)
  • Non-ozone depleting blowing agent
  • 100% closed cell foam won't absorb water or rot
  • Clean resin system
  • Basalt fiber: no additives, no boron
  • No sandpaper, paint brushes, tape or solvents except water

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