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Sector 9 Bearing Butter Lube

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The Bearing Butter Lube from Sector 9.

After you've finished cleaning your bearings, keep them buttered up for a smooth roll with Bearing Butter. Well lubed bearings experience less friction, which makes them last longer and increases your board speed. Happy bearings mean a happy you.

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How to use bearing butter
by Flying Scot
Posted on 9/28/2014
Sector 9 Bearing Butter Lube
The applicator is designed to spray or, what most people do, unscrew the top and use the stem as a dropper. It is a multipurpose applicator. You only need to put a drop or two on each bearing.
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by josh in ohio
Posted on 7/11/2014
Sector 9 Bearing Butter Lube
so its good lube except it comes in a spray bottle rather than an injection pen. so half of what you spray doesnt get into the bearings and i used half of the thing for one cleaning and which could of lasted much longer if it wasnt a mist spray bottle. obviously didnt use their head designing the stuff. good lube but a total waste of money considering you probably wont manage to get it into your bearings.
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