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Congratulations to the latest #RipperOfTheWeek, Bryson L. aka @vanilla_bryce13 of Las Cruces, NM! Good times with the homies and one HELL OF A BANGER! Were sending Bryson a sick prize pack courtesy of the good folks at @DLXSF! Keep the #CatchARip entries coming and you could be the next #ROTW! Be sure to follow @vanilla_bryce13 for more shredding and to see the version of this song with music, you wont regret it! #TacticsSkate
UPDATE: The White Widow dunks are sold out! The @NikeSB X @ToddBratrud White Widow Dunk Mid is now available! Link in bio, you know what to do! #NikeSB #ToddBratrud #WhiteWidow #DunkMid #SkateShoes
Put some flavor on that top layer! Weve got tons of graphic grip tape from @shakejunt, @grizzlygriptape, @mousegrip and more available at Tactics today! Hit the link in bio to getcha grip on! #TacticsSkate
Sometimes you just gotta grab a few cold ones, knock em back (literally) and make an obstacle course like @meechlord here! Cheers, Demetri! by @finding_wyld @TacticsSnow @MelvinBrewing #TacticsSnow #CatchARip
@austinthongvivong takes the nasal plunge into the crust! #TacticsSkate
Food shmood! Who would use their lunch break to eat when you could be serving up back 180 nosegrinds like this? Not @davidlobasyuk, thats for sure! #TacticsSkate #BreakTimeBangers
Just @calvinno casually boardsliding a 23-stair hubba and slapping fives with the bois! @mini_spots #WarehausWednesdays #TacticsSkate
Another epic VX edit from @_unemployed is live! Starring @calvinno, @yunngsunny, @jaredcleland, @huntre, @leastcoldbeer, @reeferthings and even a cameo from the master lensman himself! Hit the link in bio to peep the full video and leave some love in the comments! #TacticsSkate #TacticsEugene
@larrykomodo keep that muh fuhn EXTENDO ON HIM! - @QUARTETSKATEBOARDS #TacticsSkate

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Buyer's Guide: Coaches Jackets

11/12/2014 | Benson Ka'ai

Whether your vying for playoff position or just getting off the hill, a solid coaches jacket is a must. Not quite a softshell, but a little warmer than most windbreakers, the coaches jacket is...

Spring/Summer HUF Hats

6/10/2014 | Benson Ka'ai

With so many hats to choose from it can be difficult finding the heat. Luckily, we have HUF, which never disappoints. From all-over tropical prints to Birds of Paradise to Japanese camo, there’s...

New HUF Spring '14 Hats Available Now

3/21/2014 | Benson Ka'ai

HUFDBC. The Dirt Bag Crew. Except you won’t find anything dirt bag-ish in the HUF Spring ’14 collection. From the Spring Break neon trees and “Fuck it!” Trucker to the Floral Bucket, there’s...

Altamont Polka Dot Collection Now Available

10/7/2013 | Benson Ka'ai

Altamont brings to you yet another ocular design capsule. Ranging from bucket hats to button downs, they have something for everyone. The Altamont Polka Dot was created with their signature...

Back To School Style Guide: Volcom

9/10/2013 | Benson Ka'ai

With the introduction of a footwear collection last month, it is now possible to be fitted head to toe by Volcom. We threw some Electric Sunglasses into this style guide cause if you didn’t know,...