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@huntre going #TacticsSkate
@thegoodhomie_ went on an all-out spree while we were at @woodwardtahoe last month! : // #TacticsSkate #WoodwardTahoe
@silasbaxterneal with the quadruple fake-out (quintuple if you ask him) : @thebrilliantlewis // #TacticsSkate
Team-tested, Kelly-approved! Reintroducing the Contract from @esskateboarding! The mid-2000s classic is back and better than ever with updated, well, everything! Hit that link in bio to see whats new and grab a pair for yourself! Anyone out there who skated an original pair of Contracts? #TacticsSkate #esSkateboarding
Light work for @austinthongvivong #TacticsSkate
You peep that Anakin in Atlanta video yet?! Head to our IGTV or hit the link in bio to check it out! @thegoodhomie_ : @_pendry // #TacticsSkate #Goombaslayers
Hes on fire! Congrats to @allen_sowell of Coos Bay, OR on being the latest #RipperOfTheWeek! Thats a mean alley-oop right there! Hit the link in bio to peep his Q&A! Keep the #CatchARip entries coming and you could be the next winner of a fat #ROTW package! #TacticsSkate
Tons of new skate clothing from @spitfirewheels, @shakejunt, @wknd & more just came in, hit the link in bio to take a gander at the latest threads! #TacticsSkate
@pyramidcountry is bringing the desert to your doorstep with their latest run, including the mind-melting video Vessel In Passing. Hit the kink in our bio to get your hands on all the newest gear from Pyramid Country! #TacticsSkate #PyramidCountry

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Year End Clearance Buyer's Guide: 5-Panels

1/2/2015 | Benson Ka'ai

To cap things off (see what we did there?), we’re ending our 2014 Year End Clearance Buyer’s Guide with those trendy 5-Panels you see at all the skate spots these days. After looking at all 64...

Year End Clearance Buyer's Guide: HUF

12/31/2014 | Benson Ka'ai

The Dirt Bag Crew from San Francisco. What started as a shop quickly formed into an international brand. And things are only getting better in 2015 for HUF. Nearly a decade since its inception,...

Year End Clearance Buyer's Guide: Hoodies

12/29/2014 | Benson Ka'ai

Now through January 2, we’re offering an additional 10% off all sale items. With 10,000+ sale items (10,237, to be exact) in stock, how do you comb through and find the diamonds in the r0ugh? You...

Buyer's Guide: Coaches Jackets

11/12/2014 | Benson Ka'ai

Whether your vying for playoff position or just getting off the hill, a solid coaches jacket is a must. Not quite a softshell, but a little warmer than most windbreakers, the coaches jacket is...

Spring/Summer HUF Hats

6/10/2014 | Benson Ka'ai

With so many hats to choose from it can be difficult finding the heat. Luckily, we have HUF, which never disappoints. From all-over tropical prints to Birds of Paradise to Japanese camo, there’s...

New HUF Spring '14 Hats Available Now

3/21/2014 | Benson Ka'ai

HUFDBC. The Dirt Bag Crew. Except you won’t find anything dirt bag-ish in the HUF Spring ’14 collection. From the Spring Break neon trees and “Fuck it!” Trucker to the Floral Bucket, there’s...

Altamont Polka Dot Collection Now Available

10/7/2013 | Benson Ka'ai

Altamont brings to you yet another ocular design capsule. Ranging from bucket hats to button downs, they have something for everyone. The Altamont Polka Dot was created with their signature...

Back To School Style Guide: Volcom

9/10/2013 | Benson Ka'ai

With the introduction of a footwear collection last month, it is now possible to be fitted head to toe by Volcom. We threw some Electric Sunglasses into this style guide cause if you didn’t know,...