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Snowboard Gloves & Mitts

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Howl Down Mitts - grapeHowl Down Mitts grape $83.95 (20% off)
DAKINE Storm Liner Gloves - blackDAKINE Storm Liner Gloves black $22.95 (23% off)
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Crab Grab Slap Mitts - racing stripesCrab Grab Slap Mitts racing stripes $51.95 (20% off)
686 Lander Mitts - forest black denim686 Lander Mitts forest black denim $29.95 (40% off)
Salmon Arms Team Mitts - corrugatedSalmon Arms Team Mitts corrugated $41.95 (30% off)
Crab Grab Snuggler Mitts - blackCrab Grab Snuggler Mitts black $63.95 (20% off)
Howl Jed Mitts - purpleHowl Jed Mitts purple $47.95 (20% off)
Burton GORE-TEX Gloves - gray heatherBurton GORE-TEX Gloves gray heather $59.95 (29% off)
686 Primer Gloves - samborghini black686 Primer Gloves samborghini black $35.95 (40% off)
Salmon Arms Overmitt Mitts - ogSalmon Arms Overmitt Mitts og $55.95 (30% off)
DAKINE Kodiak GORE-TEX Mitts - blackDAKINE Kodiak GORE-TEX Mitts black $119.95 (25% off)
Howl Team Mitts - blueHowl Team Mitts blue $51.95 (20% off)
Crab Grab Chop Glove - tanCrab Grab Chop Glove tan $67.95 (20% off)
Salmon Arms Overmitt 2 Mitts - fishpawSalmon Arms Overmitt 2 Mitts fishpaw $55.95 (30% off)
686 Primer Mitts - samborghini black686 Primer Mitts samborghini black $35.95 (40% off)
Howl Team Mitts - goldHowl Team Mitts gold $45.95 (29% off)
DAKINE Titan GORE-TEX Mitts - carbonDAKINE Titan GORE-TEX Mitts carbon $59.95 (25% off)
Salmon Arms Team Mitts - stay hungry 2Salmon Arms Team Mitts stay hungry 2 $41.95 (30% off)
Crab Grab Chop Mitts - tanCrab Grab Chop Mitts tan $67.95 (20% off)
Howl Sexton Mitts - blackHowl Sexton Mitts black $75.95 (20% off)
Crab Grab Punch Mitts - little flowersCrab Grab Punch Mitts little flowers $59.95 (20% off)
Burton GORE-TEX Gloves - kelpBurton GORE-TEX Gloves kelp $59.95 (29% off)

Small but essential, snowboard gloves and mitts are not a piece of gear that you want to leave behind no matter where youre riding. Even on warmer spring days, when your fingers and hands get wet on the mountain youre going to be cold and uncomfortable. So be sure to get some high quality gloves or mitts and keep them on-hand.

Our selection of gloves and mitts spans a large range of styles, designs and levels of protection from the elements. Whether youre looking for something low profile to simply cover your hands or gloves that feature the highest amount of waterproofing you can find, we have the gloves or mitts you need.

Snowboard gloves and mitts are offered with tons of different options to make sure your fit and style is dialed in. If you prefer something with a lower profile that slips on easily and is ready to go, you may want to check out pairs that go under the cuff of your jacket. These will usually have less waterproofing, but can be more convenient for a typical park or groomer day on the mountain. However, if you find yourself slashing through deep powder and having to dig your way out at times, then over the cuff styles will suit you better. Over cuff gloves and mittens usually offer higher waterproofing and a more snug fit around your wrist, keeping powder out and heat in.

Some snowboard gloves and mittens are built with touch screen compatible material so you can film lines and flip through your playlist without slipping them off. Even if the outer shell doesnt allow you to touch your screen, many inner liners and liner gloves do offer this feature.

Once you figure out what kind of features and protection you need, find your style. The subtle pop of style that can come from a pair of gloves or mittens will show off your personality on the mountain. Whether its a bold color or a wild design, such as those that Crab Grab and Salmon Arms like to produce, youre sure to find a style that fits you like a glove.

Gloves or mitts, thats the question. The answer is that theres not a bad choice when youre shopping at Tactics.