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Since the beginning, Tactics has been dedicated to growing the skateboarding community. Everyone starts somewhere, so start here. Once you’re ready to get your first skateboard, the easiest and cheapest option is to purchase a pre-assembled complete skateboard. These boards arrive fully built with quality parts and ready to roll.

Why would someone get a complete skateboard instead of building one out? It’s simple, complete skateboards are an inexpensive way to get your first skateboard, and you can be sure that all the parts, mainly the trucks and hardware, will be compatible. When you’re new to skateboarding, all of the different parts, brands, styles and sizes can be overwhelming. Complete skateboards eliminate some of that confusion. Just pick a graphic that you like and choose a size that will work for you.

If you’re not sure what size would be best, check out our skateboard buying guide and size chart. This will help you determine what size makes the most sense for you to ride. If you still have questions about complete skateboards, contact our knowledgeable customer service team. These folks skate daily and can answer any question you throw their way.

From the top brands in the industry like Element and Real, to our own Tactics completes, there’s a complete skateboard that’s sure to get you stoked to begin skateboarding. If you need tips for getting started, check out our page on how to skateboard. Our video's will walk you through the steps and have you rolling in no time.