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Skateboard Helmets

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When Tactics began in 1999, iconic skaters like Andy McDonald and Bucky Lasek were known for their abilities on their boards and recognized by their signature helmets. In skateboarding there’s always a risk of falling, so be like Bucky and Andy Mac and invest in a good helmet.

A lot has changed in skateboarding helmets since 1999, but the main idea of keeping your head and brain safe is still the name of the game. Helmets today come in different styles, have different safety ratings and are constructed in different ways.

We offer helmets with the traditional half-dome shape from top brands like /triple-8/protective-skate-gear and 187 Killer Pads, as well as full-cut helmets from ProTec that provide a little extra protection further down your head. Both options will protect your noggin, so pick a style that works for you and strap it up.

A main factor to consider when choosing a new helmet is how much protection you need. More is always better than less, but some may be more than your skill level really requires. All of the helmets we sell are tested and approved, but some have extra certifications that technically make them safer. Certified helmets have been tested and certified by federal and private safety commissions to give you extra piece of mind.

You’ll also want to think about the construction of your new helmet before making a purchase. Some of the helmets we offer come with removable, washable liners. This is a gamechanger for folks who find themselves sweating a lot in their helmet.

For a more in-depth breakdown of skateboard helmets, check out our guide to skateboard safety gear or consult our customer service team and shred safely.

A skateboard helmet is a very smart investment. Browse our selection of skateboarding helmets from the most trusted manufacturers in the business and protect your head! Measure the circumference of your head before choosing a helmet so you can select the appropriate size for maximum protection.