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Snowboard Jackets

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686 Waterproof Hoodie - dusty mauve686 Waterproof Hoodie dusty mauve $119.95 (20% off)
Airblaster Beast 3L Jacket - sharkAirblaster Beast 3L Jacket shark $287.95 (20% off)
686 Gateway Jacket - cypress green686 Gateway Jacket cypress green $191.95 (20% off)
L1 Lowry Insulated Jacket - rustL1 Lowry Insulated Jacket rust $131.95 (40% off)
Thirtytwo TM Jacket - camelThirtytwo TM Jacket camel $188.95 (30% off)
Airblaster Beast Suit One Piece - sandAirblaster Beast Suit One Piece sand $359.95 (20% off)
L1 Horizon Insulated Jacket - inkL1 Horizon Insulated Jacket ink $179.95 (40% off)

Tactics has been a go-to shop for snowboarders since our beginning in 1999, when the style was baggy, Terje Haakonsen was our idol and World Industries was making snowboard jackets. Jackets have evolved with the needs of riders since then but still provide what they alway have for snowboarders; styles, performance and protection against the elements.

A good snowboard jacket will protect you from the harsh cold and soggy wetness that’s inevitable when you’re in the mountains. If your current jacket leaves you soaked at the end of the day or freezing on the chair lift, then it’s time to upgrade and you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a rider who hits deep powder or if you oftentimes find yourself riding wet and soggy snow, then a GORE-TEX jacket is your best bet for staying dry and comfortable. The ultra-waterproof and windproof material will keep you dry all day and still allow moisture to escape from the inside so you can shred with no worries.

GORE-TEX isn’t always needed, but you still need a solid snowboard jacket. Water resistant jackets will do the trick in most cases, keeping you warm and dry on the mountain. These jackets are often lower-profile and a little more flexible so you can move more freely while you’re shredding groomers or lapping the park on your snowboard. Decide what type of jacket makes the most sense for you and filter the others out with our clickable filters.

Snowboarding is all about style, from your steezy riding style to your kit. Make sure your style is on point with the latest snowboard jackets. With jackets from 686, Volcom and Airblaster stocked up, there’s no shortage of styles to choose from. Whether you like a plain and simple look or you dig a bold and bright pattern, there’s a snowboard jacket at Tactics that will reflect your style.

For more info on, check out our guide to the best snowboard jackets or hit up our knowledgeable customer service team.