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Skateboard Tools / Lube / Wax

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Unit Skate Tool - redUnit Skate Tool red $10.95
Krooked Birdie WaxKrooked Birdie Wax $4.95
Snot Curb Snot WaxSnot Curb Snot Wax $8.95

There’s one thing that every skateboarder should have on them at all times. It’s not extra parts or spare laces, it’s a good skate tool. There’s nothing worse than needing one and not having it or having to ask everyone around to mooch off of theirs, so do yourself a favor and get a skate tool.

Skate tools make it easy to make adjustments to your skateboard on the go. Whether you’re putting together a fresh set up, swapping parts or adjusting your trucks, a compact skate tool will help. These tools come with everything you need in one small package. Instead of packing around a handful of tools, just grab a single skate tool and keep the stoke high.

These tools, at minimum, come equipped with a Philips head screwdriver, Allen key, and a wrench that will fit axle, kingpin and mounting nuts. These are the basic necessities to make adjustments to your board. However, some tools offer more. Silver makes tools that come with a precision file and a ratcheting socket for your mounting nuts. Other companies like Pig make tools that feature all the usual components, but add a rethreading tool so that you can fix up your beaten up axle and kingpin threads on the go.

Don’t get caught without a skate tool. Pick one that works best for your needs and keep it on you. If you have questions about skate tools, hit up our customer service team.