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Why Choose Tactics as Your Skateboard Shop?

Tactics skate shop carries a huge selection of skateboards, longboards, cruiser skateboards and skateboard gear to get you rolling. No matter your skill level, we have the right skateboard to meet your needs, as well as all the top skateboard parts you need to build your perfect skateboard.

What To Look For When Shopping For Skateboards?

If you’re brand new to skateboarding, we can get you set up with the right complete skateboards, including boards from top brands like Almost, Real and Santa Cruz, or longboards from Arbor, Landyatchz and Globe. These complete skateboards and longboards ship to you fully assembled and ready to skate right out of the box.

If you have some experience with skateboarding or longboarding and you’d like something more personalized, check out our custom board builder. Here, you can hand pick every part that goes on your skateboard. Select from your favorite grip tape, skateboard or longboard decks, trucks, wheels, skateboard bearings and skateboard hardware to build your ultimate board. We’ll even assemble it for you if you’d like!

Looking to Build Your Own Skateboard?

For those who know what they like and want to build their own skateboard, we have all the parts you could need. We stay stocked up on top skateboard truck brands such as Independent skate Trucks, Ace Trucks and Venture Trucks. If you’re looking for decks, we have what you need. Our selection of brands like Element, Krooked and Baker skateboard decks provide something for everyone. Skateboard wheels from brands such as Spitfire, Bones and OJ will keep you rolling smooth, while bearings from Bones Bearings, Bronson Speed Co. and tons of others will have you rolling fast.