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Spitfire Wheels

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Vans Spitfire Wheels T-Shirt - incenseVans Spitfire Wheels T-Shirt incense $24.95 (29% off)
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Last Resort AB Swirl T-Shirt - whiteLast Resort AB Swirl T-Shirt white $33.95 (24% off)
Vans Spitfire Wheels Hoodie - flameVans Spitfire Wheels Hoodie flame $55.95 (30% off)
Spitfire LTB Crew Sweatshirt - blackSpitfire LTB Crew Sweatshirt black $39.95 (20% off)
Spitfire Lil Beatdowns Hoodie - blackSpitfire Lil Beatdowns Hoodie black $51.95 (20% off)
Spitfire Bighead Beanie - yellow/blackSpitfire Bighead Beanie yellow/black $14.95 (21% off)


Established in 1987 by Jim Thiebaud through Deluxe Distribution in San Francisco, CA, Spitfire Wheels is renowned for its iconic bighead logo and high-performance urethane. Spitfire products, including Classic and Formula Four urethane, cater to the needs of skaters. With options for different durometers and wheel shapes, Spitfire offers a variety of combinations, ensuring a need for speed is met across crusty street spots, hill bombs, and parks.

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