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Independent Truck Company

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Independent Trucks was started in 1978 by Richard Novak, Jay Shuirman, Fausto Vitello, and Eric Swenson. Independent entered the market at a time when competition was low and there was an opportunity to create a unique identity and a stark contrast to the southern California Tracker Truck followers. Independent’s hardcore brand image was quickly adopted by the less polished skate scene of Northern California thus further dividing the Norcal and Socal skate scenes.

By the mid 80’s many of the top pros were riding for Independent including Steve Olson, Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi, and many more. Along with gathering top riders, Independent was constantly improving upon truck design. Starting off with the Stage I in 1978, the Stage II, III, IV, and more came in the following years. Each truck was tweaked in the hanger, baseplate, pivot cup, kingpin or height to improve the turning and durability. To further diversify the product line, Independent offers hollowed out axles and kingpins, aluminum hangers and baseplates, and inverted kingpins.

Independent Trucks continues its reign as one of the leading skateboard brands. From 129s to 215s there is the perfect size truck to fit your deck. Independent also offers plenty of apparel options including Independent shirts, Independent sweatshirts, and Independent hats. Support one of the original skateboard truck manufacturers by setting up some Independent trucks.