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Superfeet REDhot InsolesSuperfeet REDhot Insoles $27.95 (49% off)

Skateboarding can be tough on your body. And your feet do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to impact absorption on major drops, landing primo, running out of tricks, etc. All skate shoes come with some form of stock insoles that take the edge off but may not be quite cut out for the type of skateboarding you do. So why not give your feet some love with aftermarket insoles? Upgrading the insoles in your skate shoe can make a drastic difference in your recovery time after a heavy session because higher-grade insoles absorb more of the impact, protecting your feet, knees, and joints. Everybody’s feet are different and Remind and Footprint took that into account when manufacturing their insoles. Each style has a varying degree of arch support and impact protection so you can fine-tune your fit for your specific needs. Grab a set of insoles for your skate shoes and see what you’re feet have been missing out on.