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Skate Backpacks

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Back when we got our start in 1999, skate crews spent all day roaming around cities to skate the streets and plazas. Today there’s a lot more skateparks to shred, but that doesn’t mean that crews don’t spend all day wherever they’re skating. If you plan to skate all day, you have to come prepared and there’s no better way to load up than with a purpose built skate backpack from companies like Nixon, RVCA and plenty others.

Having a way to tote all of your things around, from water to spare skateboard parts, is huge when you’re cruising around from spot to spot. Most skate backpacks come with skateboard straps that you can secure your board to. This helps especially if you are riding a cruiser board or bike to spots and need a way to easily carry your regular board. Just tighten it down and off you go.

Although board straps are pretty standard on skate backpacks, some packs have more features than others that make carrying them more convenient and better for protecting your cargo. Some backpacks from Nike and Dakine feature Durable Water Repellent coating (DWR) that shed moisture and prevents saturation. Bags with DWR will keep your stuff dry and are a must have for people who plan to use their backpack in the winter, especially if you’re carrying electronics. Most skate backpacks have tech pockets to protect your laptops, tablets or other gear you might have with you even more so you can pack more and worry less.

Check out our 10 skateboard bag essentials for tips on what to bring with you for every session and hit up our customer service team for more details about skate backpacks.