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Men's Snowboards

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YES PYL Snowboard 2023YES PYL Snowboard 2023 $549.95

There’s nothing like the feeling of flying down a snowy mountain, through the trees, or nailing the trick you’ve been working on in the park. It’s a sense of freedom that we are happy to be able to supply at Tactics. Whether you’re looking for your first snowboard or an addition to your current quiver, shop the latest men’s snowboards here.

Although they all do the same basic function, not all snowboards are built the same. Some boards excel in certain terrains better than others. If you enjoy hitting big backcountry runs, slashing through powder and dropping cliffs, then a freeride board is your best bet. These boards offer tons of float and all the pop you need for everything from natural hits to park jumps. Many of these boards are built with a directional shape and a large nose, but they come in a variety of different profiles. Having a powder board in your quiver for deep days is a must.

Park rats need a different kind of snowboard that’s more flexible and often on the shorter side. Park and freestyle boards usually come in a twin shape, making it easier to ride switch and fakie with both ends of the board having the same profile. Slide rails, boost side hits and tweak out grabs easier with a park snowboard.

For those riders who do a little bit of everything and enjoy the whole mountain, an all-mountain board will take you where you need to go. These boards are user-friendly and versatile. They’re available in many different shapes, even asymmetrical styles. If you’re a beginner or you’re on a budget and don’t want multiple boards, an all-mountain snowboard will get the job done well and help you learn your way around the mountain.

When it comes down to it, you can really enjoy the freedom of snowboarding with any board you choose. Not grab the board of your choice, round up the crew and go hit the mountains!