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Nike SB was successfully launched in 2002 under the guidance of Sandy Bodecker. As a corporate giant amongst smaller skate brands, Nike approached skateboarding in a grass-roots effort aimed at understanding skateboard culture and quickly identifying ways to give back to local skate shops.

For design inspiration Nike SB looked into the past to dig up what skateboarders had long been using to skate in. Updating models such as the Bruin, Blazer, and Dunk resonated with skateboarders needs for a tough and grippy shoe with a flat sole. Building upon the initial team, up and comer Paul Rodriguez signed with Nike and released a signature shoe in 2005. Then Nike began welcoming other distinguished pros such as Lance Mountain, Grant Taylor, and Eric Koston. Supporting top riders in ways that smaller brands were unable to was revolutionary in skateboarding at the time.

Outside of finding ways to support local scenes and a legacy of team riders Nike SB has thrived in skateboarding due to the outstanding quality of product. Utilizing decades of R&D from other sport categories and being in tune with team rider feedback has allowed Nike SB to continually deliver products that meet and exceed the needs of skateboarders.