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About Us

Rooted in skateboarding and snowboarding, Tactics exists to blend passion, positivity, style, and quality into an indelible customer experience.

Our mission:  Do the Right Thing  |  Know It  |  Live It

Do The Right Thing - Tactics is here to make the world better. We care deeply about our customers, our employees, and the planet. In our all actions we look to this guidepost - each day we must deliver an unsurpassed customer experience to every person; our decisions are founded on integrity and respect; we measure ourselves by how much we give back to the world around us. We Do The Right Thing.

Know It - We specialize in what we do; we hand-pick the products we bring to you; we maintain an exceptional selection; we are your accessible, trusted experts. We Know It.

Live It - Led by enthusiasm, focus, dedication, and smiles, our people are comprised of riders of all levels and experience. The warehouse person who packs your box may be the same one you saw skating in a shoe wear test video. The customer service person you hit up on the phone, by email, or chat will probably skate on their break that afternoon. The retail employee you talk to in the shop likely hit the mountain last weekend and can't wait to tell you about how that snowboard in your hand performed. We Live It.

Independently owned and located in the Pacific Northwest, we are inspired by having the Cascade mountains at our back, the ocean at our feet, and some of the world's best skateparks in all directions. Tactics started from humble beginnings in a garage in 1999 and since then we have served nearly two million happy customers.

Welcome to the Tactics tribe.


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