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Snowboarding Helmets

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Since 1999, we have been providing the snowboarding community with the best gear there is so they can hit the mountains and catch a rip. No matter what skill level youre at, theres one thing that shouldnt be overlooked; safety.

Whether youre just learning to snowboard or youre a seasoned vet, protecting your brain should be a priority. Although snow is usually ideally soft injuries can still still happen. Obstacles like trees, ice banks, park features and other riders dont feel great to run into, so get some protective gear and ride safely.

From mens and womens helmets to kids helmets, the right fit can be found at Tactics. We carry the top brands like Smith, Sandbox, Protec and many others so you can be sure youll get the helmet youve been searching for.

Helmets are built similarly across the board, but some offer extra features. Some of these features are for safety, comfort, or even for getting you more stoked on the mountain. Helmets that use Multi-Directional Impact Protection Systems (MIPS) separate the shell of the helmet from the liner with an additional liner that can slide. This helps to keep your head safer on impact by transferring the force to the helmet instead of to your head. Helmets with MIPS are some of the safest in the game. If dialing your helmet in for the perfect and most comfortable fit is your main goal, check out our selection of adjustable fit helmets. Each brand does it a little differently, but having the ability to make adjustments on-the-fly will only make your riding experience that much more enjoyable. Speaking of enjoyable, nothing gets you pumped to ride like having some good tunes. Our selection of helmets with speakers in the earpads are sure to keep the hype up on the mountain.

If you have questions about snowboard helmets and safety gear, be sure to contact our customer service team for specs, details and help with finding the ride fit.