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Stomp Pads & Traction

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One MFG Saw Stomp PadOne MFG Saw Stomp Pad $13.95
Tactics Shorts
Union U Icon Stomp Pad - orangeUnion U Icon Stomp Pad orange $12.95 (28% off)
One MFG Lab Stomp PadOne MFG Lab Stomp Pad $14.95
DAKINE Pyramid Studs Traction - blackDAKINE Pyramid Studs Traction black $11.95 (20% off)
Volcom Mini Stone Stomps - multiVolcom Mini Stone Stomps multi $16.95 (39% off)
DAKINE Cool Lock - greenDAKINE Cool Lock green $14.95 (25% off)
One MFG The Dude Stomp PadOne MFG The Dude Stomp Pad $10.95 (27% off)
Volcom Stone Studs Stomp Pad - multiVolcom Stone Studs Stomp Pad multi $17.95 (40% off)
Burton Channel Adapter Plate - clearBurton Channel Adapter Plate clear $26.95 (40% off)
Union U Icon Stomp Pad - whiteUnion U Icon Stomp Pad white $12.95 (28% off)
DAKINE Revamp Stomp Pad - blackDAKINE Revamp Stomp Pad black $11.95 (20% off)
One MFG Walter Stomp PadOne MFG Walter Stomp Pad $10.95 (27% off)
DAKINE Modular Mat Stomp Pad - clearDAKINE Modular Mat Stomp Pad clear $11.95 (20% off)
Burton Surf Studs Traction - blackBurton Surf Studs Traction black $18.95 (27% off)
Union U Icon Stomp Pad - blackUnion U Icon Stomp Pad black $12.95 (28% off)
One MFG Game Boy Stomp PadOne MFG Game Boy Stomp Pad $10.95 (27% off)
Burton XM Powsurf Leash - blackBurton XM Powsurf Leash black $48.95 (30% off)
DAKINE Micro Lock - greenDAKINE Micro Lock green $11.95 (20% off)
DAKINE Modular Mat Stomp Pad - blackDAKINE Modular Mat Stomp Pad black $11.95 (20% off)
One MFG Radical Leaf Stomp PadOne MFG Radical Leaf Stomp Pad $10.95 (27% off)
DAKINE Pyramid Studs Traction - chromeDAKINE Pyramid Studs Traction chrome $11.95 (20% off)
One MFG Fast Times Spicoli Stomp PadOne MFG Fast Times Spicoli Stomp Pad $10.95 (27% off)
DAKINE Covert Leash - blackDAKINE Covert Leash black $7.95 (20% off)
One MFG Radical Rick Stomp PadOne MFG Radical Rick Stomp Pad $8.95 (36% off)
One MFG Owl Stomp PadOne MFG Owl Stomp Pad $10.95 (27% off)

Shop our huge selection of stylish and functional board accessories from top quality brands. Snowboard accessories and stomp pads are a necessity that allow you to easily customize the look and overall function of your snowboard. Whether you need to add some traction with a stomp pad or want a lock to make sure the newest addition to your quiver doesn't get jacked, we've got a wide selection of snowboard accessories to meet your needs.