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Creature 3 Skulls Hoodie - blackCreature 3 Skulls Hoodie black $47.95 (29% off)
Creature Voodoo Isle S/S Shirt - blackCreature Voodoo Isle S/S Shirt black $41.95 (30% off)
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Out from the depths of darkness came Creature Skateboards in 1993. Russ Pope came up with the concept and Johnny Mojo delivered the graphics. Creature was a stark alternative to other board companies at the time. Inspired by classic horror films, Creature graphics were dark and mysterious much like the dissolution of the brand only a few years later.

Creature rose from the dead in 2005 when original team rider Darren Navarrette and Lee Charron convinced Bob Denike and Jeff Kendall at NHS to give it another go. Darren compiled the team, including two of his closest midwest comrades, Al Partanen and Sam Hitz, and they became known as the ‘Hesh Crew’. While Darren was a part of the scene and served as the face of the brand his counterpart Lee would keep things afloat in the board meetings at headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA.

The ‘creature green’ color, signature dipped boards, and total disregard for personal safety while skating set the Creature crew apart. In 2006 Creature’s ‘Born Dead’ video showcased some of the rawest backyard pool skating of the time which eventually helped bridge the gap between the vert and street side of skateboarding. Creature served as the title sponsor for events like ‘Rumble in Ramona’ and alleyway ramp jams which resonated with the D.I.Y. ethos of skaters. A strong connection and support to the skate community is how Creature has organically grown into one of the largest brands in skateboarding. Now you can embrace your hesh side and the black and green with a Creature deck, hat , or shirt