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Real skateboards was co-founded on the streets of San Francisco in 1991 by Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud. At the time, they were looking to bring back the essence of skateboarding which is all about exploring new spots with your friends. As one of the legacy brands of Deluxe Distribution, Real is an essential part in the backbone of the skateboarding industry. Their Actions Realized initiatives explore areas to support community projects and raise money and awareness for individuals in need. It is this commitment to focus on the bigger picture that sets Real apart from other skateboard brands.

Real skateboard decks feature proprietary R1 construction. This means the true universal press used to make the boards applies equal pressure across the entire surface of the deck and the result is a more even and consistent concave. There are also two X-Bands in each deck which make it strong, poppy, and responsive.

Be sure to scope out all the Real decks and completes. And while you are there you can even grab a Real skateboards shirt or hat. Through supporting Real you are supporting skateboarding because the brand is so heavily invested in giving back to the greater skate community.