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Clutch Snowboard Bindings 2020

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Color: black/white
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Color: black/white
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Ride Style
Park / Freestyle
Added mobility and range of motion for more expressive riding
Versatile and responsive, ideal for riding all types of terrain
Binding Straps
Budget-friendly design focused on comfort and simplicity
4-Hole + Channel + 3D
Fits standard 4-hole, The Channel® and 3D mounting systems

For park rats, having a comfortable binding that doesn't slack on performance is key. The Burton clutch bindings feature elliptically-shaped zero-lean hi-backs that give a fast, reliable response for all your favorite tweaked out tricks and presses. You'll be able to feel the comfort as soon as you secure the Asym Reactstrap™ ankle straps and Gettagrip Capstrap™ toe straps while a FullBED cushioning system absorbs impacts all day every day.

Key Features
  • Re:Flex™ Baseplate
  • Zero-Lean Hi-Back
  • 18% Short-Glass/Nylon Material: Soft Flex
  • Asym React Ankle Strap
  • GettaGrip Toe Capstrap™
  • Smooth Glide™ Buckles
  • Single Component Base Construction
  • FullBED Cushioning System
  • Metal-Free Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty (Limited, See Details)
Key Features

Re:Flex™ Baseplate - With a minimized, cored baseplate and Living Hinge disc, Re:Flex dramatically improves board flex and feel, reduces weight, and opens the doors for all sorts of cushioning options.

Re:Flex increases board flex and feel by a whopping 71% for more natural taste and texture than that of traditional disc bindings, all in a package that's compatible with any platter, including 4-Hole insert patterns, Burton 3D hole patterns and the latest generation of The Channel.

The minimized, cored baseplate reduces weight by 20%, while a Living Hinge disc delivers heaps of flex and allows for all sorts of cushioned toppings.


Zero-Lean Hi-Back - Riders who prefer a more playful and relaxed feel will dig the new Zero-Lean design on select hi-backs. As always, you can still choose to crank 'em forward for quicker control when carving or climbing icy pipe walls.

18% Short-Glass/Nylon Material: Soft Flex - 18% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite Hi-Back - Park-engineered blend features ramped up strength and response in a soft-flexing package.


Asym React Ankle Strap - Minimized Asym Superstrap Construction has a 3D curve with a Triple Axis Spine to perfectly match the shape of your foot and ankle with its laterally supportive shape and ultra-responsive Enduro Padding.

The React Strap also features a reversible shape to let you choose between power or mobility.

GettaGrip Toe Capstrap™ - The Toe GettaGrip Capstrap™ has a 3D curved, Triple Axis Spine with ultra-minimized Capstrap™ Construction, Grip Fit and True Wrap Toe Window. It also features Super Lightweight EVA padding for premium comfort and contoured fit.

Designed to be conformable from Capstrap™ to Toe Strap.

Smooth Glide™ Buckles - Polished, chrome-plated aluminum and lightweight polycarbonate levers give you season after season of buttery smooth and reliable ratcheting power. Designed and built by Burton, not some shady supplier.


Single Component Base Construction - One material throughout creates consistent response and feel for all-terrain domination.

FullBED Cushioning System - FullBED baseplate cushioning offers a full coverage, cushioned platform that maximizes comfort while minimizing fatigue. Anchored to the baseplate at the heel, its stealth trap door design lifts at the heel on Disc bindings and on the toe on Re:Flex bindings, making it easy to access the mounting hardware.

Metal-Free Construction - Why no metal? Burton refuses to ride metal because it's too rigid, too heavy, and too likely to bend and distort. Instead, Burton crafts their bindings out of a variety of other materials, each engineered to satisfy specific riding styles.


Lifetime Warranty (Limited, See Details) - Covered under manufacturer lifetime guarantee against breakage of the baseplate or heelcup along with defects in materials or workmanship. This lifetime warranty DOES NOT cover broken bindings due to abuse or neglect, damage caused by any modification done outside the manufacturer's facility, or lost parts due to lack of hardware maintenance.

Burton's Flex Slider hinged strap IS covered under their Lifetime Warranty.

Highbacks, other straps, ratchets and other binding components are not included under lifetime warranty.

Men's Boot Sizes (US):8 - 11 10+

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To shipping japan?
Answered by Graig A (Tactics Employee) on 11/30/2017
Unfortunately burton does not allow us to ship their products outside of the united states and we are unable to ship to japan. Sorry for any inconveniences.
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