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Crab Grab Classic L/S T-Shirt - blackCrab Grab Classic L/S T-Shirt black $24.95 (19% off)

If you are looking to get a little extra extension on your method this season Crab Grab can help. Peel and stick Crab Grab traction pads can be placed anywhere on your board (including that method sweet spot) for easier grabbing capabilities. But getting more secure grabs is just one way to use them.

You can also explore fastplant and one-foot variations with more confidence. And if you're new to snowboarding and getting on and off the chairlift seems daunting, Crab Grab is your new best friend. Simply throw down one of the varieties of Crab Grab grip pads between your bindings and your boot will stick to it like glue, making you look like a pro as you cruise off the lift. Crab Grabs focus on grip also extends to a full line of dependable Crab Grab snowboard mitts to keep your claws warm and dry while you shred. With a deep product assortment of fun gear, Crab Grab promotes getting creative and having fun on your snowboard.