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32 - Thirtytwo Snowboard Boots

ThirtyTwo Boots...skate style, function, durability, lightweight, technical. 32 makes some of the lightest boots on the market. Many of the materials that 32 uses in their eco-friendly boots are from recycled materials and all are PVC-free. Check out selection of Thirty Two snowboard boots and outerwear, including ThirtyTwo snowboard jackets and ThirtyTwo snowboard pants, on sale now at Tactics Board Shop!!

Price Range
Thirtytwo Wooderson Pants 2018 - blackThirtytwo Wooderson Pants 2018 black $118.95 (30% off)
Thirtytwo Wooderson Pants 2018 - sandThirtytwo Wooderson Pants 2018 sand $118.95 (30% off)
Thirtytwo Warsaw Jacket 2018 - oxbloodThirtytwo Warsaw Jacket 2018 oxblood $181.95 (30% off)
Thirtytwo Essex Slim Pants 2018 - blackThirtytwo Essex Slim Pants 2018 black $114.95 (30% off)