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Smith Optics

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After pioneering the first ski goggles in 1965 with little more than a dual-pane lens and some breathable foam, ski fanatic, Dr. Bob Smith started selling his one-off goggles out of the trunk of his car on weekend ski trips. This quickly evolved into a more standard and reliable production method at a manufacturing facility in 1969. Smith also paved the way for turbo fans to increase active airflow and cut fogging in your goggle along with outriggers for a better foam-to-face seal around the edge of the goggle. What started out as a solution for eye protection on the slopes would lead to developments in casual lifestyle and sport sunglasses and later on ski and snowboard helmets.

One of Smith’s most valuable contributions to optics is Chromapop; Smith’s proprietary lens technology is featured in their lineup of both sunglasses and snow goggles. The Chromapop filter on the lens separates the blues, greens, and reds in your environment which in turn boost clarity, making everything more vivid and details easier to pick up on. Navigating your way down the mountain just got easier.

After dialing in ski goggles and sunglasses, Smith looked to helmets as a way to cover more of your on-mountain needs. Available in a variety of colors, Smith snowboard helmets feature a skate-style shape and offer all the protection your noggin needs. And if you happen to scratch up your lens or need something more transparent for low light days we have tons of Smith replacement goggle lenses to choose from.