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2024 Snake Run Rally Recap


Snake Run Rally 2024 from TJ Thran on Vimeo.


Just over a month ago, we helped put on the 5th Snake-Run Rally at Hoodoo Ski area in the central Oregon backyard connecting our Eugene and Bend shops. The Snake-Run Rally is a community driven banked slalom race here in Oregon. Starting as a small one day get together in the woods, this year’s race took place over two days on a hand-dug banking and winding slalom course. The weekend featured a parking lot campout, a Saturday night karaoke party, raffles, night riding and an impromptu hip sesh. Shout out to Tactics team riders Demetri and Kai for taking a 1,2 finish in Men’s Open.  

Photos by Andrew Van Asselt 

Race cofounder Jonny Sischo staying low and fast through turn 5.

Hardly grumpy Portland shop manager Kevin Nimick on his way to taking 2nd place in the GOM (grumpy old men) division.

Go fast, don't get bit!

 Undefeated women’s open champ Janessa Bork

Think Joe is nervous?

This turn was a doozy.

Trophies made by our favorite natural wax brand, Spiral Wax Co

Gotta love a good hip send while waiting for finals announcement


For more photos from the weekend and info about The Snake-Run Rally check out or follow on IG @the_snake_run_rally

Go Fast! Don’t Get Bit!