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Tactics Art Lab: David Lobasyuk Collection


Skateboarding and art have always gone hand-in-hand. It's one of the things that makes skateboarding and skateboarders the leader in style that drives trends worldwide. When you surround yourself with both from childhood you're bound to become an expert in both at some point. Tactics team rider David Lobasyuk's creativity on a skateboard is only part of the story. His artwork has taken just as long to cultivate and both of his talents are on a different level. 

David's artwork is uniquely his own and we are hyped to be able to help blend one of the best guys we know's two passions. His collection features David's Dad Cap, tees and a even a coach jacket. But how many people can say that their homies get to skate their artwork? David's Skateboard Deck, cruiser and wheels will be shredding rails, coping and pavement from coast to coast. 








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