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Slime Balls x Tactics

Here in Oregon, we aren't known for our perfect plazas, smooth pavement, sunshine, and marble ledges. Unfortunately for us, this isn't Barcelona. In Portland, only the chosen ones can skate our plazas. Our inner-city skate parks are abandoned tennis courts or built by hand under the bridge. Our streets are weathered and filled with grit and GRIME. Not exactly the perfect environment for your hard wheels.

Fortunately, we have partnered with Slime Balls to bring you a collection to thrive in it. The Slime Balls x Tactics 54mm Grime Ball Wheels and cruiser board are designed to keep you rolling over all the crust and slime of your city streets. And, of course, we made a limited run of black tees' because we know you can't ever keep a white tee clean. You can wear it or use it to clean up your unforeseen messes. It's all in your best interest to avoid showing the world how grimy you genuinely are.





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