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Pizza Skateboards

Pizza Skateboards is a small, skater-owned brand based in California. Made from the highest quality ingredients, they're hot and ready for you to grab a slice! Get your next Pizza deck right here at Tactics.

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Pizza Pooh Bong T-Shirt - blackPizza Pooh Bong T-Shirt black $18.95 (37% off)
Pizza F*ck Then Pizza T-Shirt - whitePizza F*ck Then Pizza T-Shirt white $18.95 (37% off)
Pizza Katy 8.25 Skateboard DeckPizza Katy 8.25 Skateboard Deck $41.95 (16% off)
Pizza Card L/S T-Shirt - blackPizza Card L/S T-Shirt black $19.95 (45% off)
Pizza Goomba T-Shirt - whitePizza Goomba T-Shirt white $15.95 (47% off)
Pizza Stained Glass T-Shirt - whitePizza Stained Glass T-Shirt white $18.95 (37% off)
Pizza Last Supper Air FreshenerPizza Last Supper Air Freshener $3.95 (20% off)